Dan Trueman

There Might Be Others

in collaboration with choreographer Rebecca Lazier
2016  ⤥  65'

There Might Be Others is an emergent piece, inspired by the modular structure of Terry Riley's In C. The musicians and dancers work together, in parallel, with a collection of dance and music "modules." The ordering of these modules is up to the performers and is determined on the fly, in performance, and while the dance and music modules were conceived together, they will often arise out of sync with one another, overlapping in intriguing and unexpected ways.

The Operating System has published the score, both music and choreography together, with commentary in the form of a beautiful book. The score for There Might Be Others was awarded a 2016 Bessie for Outstanding Music Composition

Though this piece was created for dance, it can be done as an instrumental work as well, with 12+ players, centered around a core of percussionists, and a performance can be as short as 8-12'.

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