~ Just the Notes ~

Tune Books, with just the notes written down by Dan Trueman, for tunes from the recordings CrissCross, QQQ, and Trollstilt.

All of these tunes in this series were made by ear, never written down as they were worked out; with Just the Notes, I’ve transcribed them, in the hopes that the notation will help others to learn them, on fiddles and guitars, or whatever instruments are on hand. I think of these as fiddle tunes, but clearly they are not your typical fiddle tunes (whatever that might mean); while I like nothing more than to play these tunes with my friends and family in informal places (like our living room, or, as it may be, our basement!), they are a bit much to pick up on the fly, at a session. But it also doesn’t feel quite right to write them down, fix them on the page, imagine that they can be read like a “Classical” composition. They are, perhaps, somewhere... in between.

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tunes for two fiddles and sometimes a band







tunes from Unpacking the Trailer







tunes for fiddle and guitar